WeChat in France

The number of citizens in China has grown, and become bigger than the last decade 1.386 milliard of citizens in 2017. Chinese population is the most connected one ever, and has its own social networks.

Wechat averages around 1 billion active users each month. You must know that:

- 35% represents the pourcentage of monthly usage in China

- It is one of the most used e-wallets for online payments in China

- It is the everyday virtual home screen for all consumers in China

Chinsese consumers will expect to find your brand name in WeChat!

Current situation…

Chinese people don’t give an interest to Western social media. Thereby, French companies must adapt their promotional campaign by integrating Wechat in to their sales strategy. 


Wechat is a platform that can help you attract much more Chinese users and interact with them by posting an adapted content, which respond to their needs and to the consumer new trends. 
WeChat is one of the most popular apps in China, and Chinese people are fun of it because it allows them to share content, but also make phone and video calls, having fun while playing online games, and can also make an online purchase and pay automaticaly, thanks to WeChatPay!
Services offered by the app make it one of the most successful apps in China.

Wechat account’s types 

In order to attract a maximum number of Chinese customers; first you have to start by creating a Wechat account, but above all you must know that there is different kinds of Wechat accounts, to choose the one that suit the most to your companie’s need so that you can reach your objectives and increase your sales level.

- Service account: allow you to diffuse four messages per month. Messages will appear in your friends list. It is the best way to enhance your product and services.
- Subscription account: allow you to publish one post per day dedicated to your subscribers: it’s a support communication. 
- Professional account: give you an access to business features.


If you want to attract more than one Chinese tourist you definitely have to start first by creating an official Wechat account, and no worries for the license knowing that France is one of the countries able to ask for it, with Russia, USA, Canada but also UK and Italy.

How WeChat can help you promote your business?
There are many ways to do it. One of its tools is localization wish is the most efficient, because it allows you to localize the user in real time, what better way to target a maximum number of Chinese tourists around you shop? But also address a personalized and adapted content for your prospects.

In order to have a sophisticated and successful customer loyalty program that assist in refining and personalizing the relationship with Chinese customers you have to connect with them to build a strong relationship and get them informed and aware of your last products and services wish will probably a must for them and will be your best brand ambassador ever thanks to WOM(word of mouth).

cashless_03 (1).jpg

Once the official account created, a QR code will be available.
Wechat is the must-have platform to increase your sales with your Chinese customers but also fill the shortfall by connecting with them, knowing that Chinese people are always on-line! WeChat allows you increase your visibility and so to target always more and more prospects. You have to start thinking about an efficient strategy that will fill the best your business.
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Silkpay is a fintech company, partner of Alipay and WeChatpay, the main Chinese e-wallets. We offer mobile payment services on points of sale in France and Europe. Silkpay also offers marketing and communication services via Chinese social networks that allow merchants attract and sell to Chinese customers.
Our very large KOL's (Key Opinion Leaders) catalog will allow you to choose the KOL's most suitable for your activity. Thanks to our experienced copywriting teams, Silkpay will help you distribute clean and relevant content for your brand.

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