Chinese tourism

President Jinping XI said last year that Chinese tourists will make 700 million trips by 2020, compared to only 10 million in 2001. Good news for a multitude of brands and tourist destinations that want to capture the Chinese clientele.

To give yourself the best chance of attracting this clientele and building an interesting offer, you have to integrate many parameters, some of which are decisive. A quick overview to better understand the subject.


More and more Chinese tourists abroad

• In China, more and more people have the opportunity to travel abroad. China's outbound travel has increased 47 percent since 2012, reaching 122 million travelers, according to the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA).

• In 2016, the number of Chinese travelers who visited Europe was close to 10 million.

  • 2.2 million for France with 40 billion euros of expenses. It is estimated that Chinese tourism has contributed significantly (up to $ 11.49 billion) to European economic growth and employment.

50% of these Chinese visitors remained faithful to the classic routes that cover France, Switzerland and Italy.

• Europe is attracting more and more customers who are used to travel outside of China. Southeast Asia still drains about 82% of Chinese tourists for obvious reasons of proximity, but the figures are down 14% (study and Europe as the United States is popular. Central Europe and Northern Europe have made spectacular breakthroughs.


 Tourists typologies

• According to Ctrip & Hytours statistics on how to travel in Europe, 80% of trips made by Chinese travelers are group trips in the first three quarters of 2017.

• At the same time, there is an increasing emancipation of a certain type of tourist: FIT (Fully Independant Travelers). They are also more and more numerous and rarely travel alone, rather between friends, couples or families. It is common to see 2 or 3 generations traveling together. They represented 15% in the first half of 2017 and 20% in the third quarter of 2017.


What are the expectations and desires of Chinese tourists?

• Exoticism is a key to seduce Chinese travelers. Everything in Europe is different for Chinese tourists; history, architecture, culture, cuisine. Thus, each destination, each tourist site, each sign has a certain attraction. To turn this potential into visits, customers and purchases, you need to implement a range of tools and communication devices within any business reach.

• Authenticity and traditional craftsmanship are also two appealing forces for Chinese travelers. This desire to discover more deeply the country culture visited is more present among the FIT.

• Digitization and connectivity are essential. Sharing, comparing, photographing, getting information, being in touch and in constant contact with their circles of contacts or their relatives is imperative for the Chinese clientele.

Your shops, showroom, places of the destination must allow this. Offering a Chinese payment method (Alipay, WeChat Pay) is essential.


Focus on payment

Factors favoring the purchase of Chinese tourists abroad include payment facilities using Chinese solutions and price reductions.

The rise of mobile payment is certain. Solutions like Alipay also offer targeted marketing opportunities. It is legitimate to think that these two factors combined lead to a successful customer experience and sales growth.


Some elements to remember to seduce the Chinese clientele

To sum up, for Chinese tourists:

• Change of scenery, authenticity, traditions and quality are the ingredients of a successful travel experience.

• The group has priority over the individual.

• Technology must be ubiquitous in information service, comfort, sharing and recognition.

• Desires for discovery and "exoticism" are accelerating but the need to return to habits (payment, food, family) remains important and also contributes to the trip success.

• Prices, uniqueness of the offer and the “made in France” are the remains key in shopping preferences.

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